Madeleine Doubek

And why would the political insiders appoint to the state Senate or House somebody who already has a public job?
And while there’s no disputing Pritzker and lawmakers got loads done this spring, the way they went about it was the same old, same old that needs to go.
A lawmaker did something wrong and then several of them colluded to keep it from all of us who employ them to work for us. Are you OK with that? Not me.
Several collar county board members are being paid salaries for their work at the same time they also are collecting pensions for the same work.
What matters is who you believe should draw the maps. When politicians draw them, self-interest and conflicts of interest are blatant.
Illinois pays far more than other states on school administration. We could cut costs by consolidating districts and sharing services.
Once you’ve served your time, punishment should be over. One person, one vote. These are some of the bedrock principles of a functioning, healthy and equitable society. I cast a vote for that.
All the shoutouts on social media last week about International Women’s Day were nice, of course, but how about we all — men and women — push for the legislative changes we need to truly protect, honor and respect women?
As you contemplate casting your vote, consider asking your state lawmakers to support these four bills that would restore fairness to elections.