Mick Dumke

The patchwork system of well-being checks in some of Chicago’s public and subsidized housing was not enough to prevent deaths in heartbreaking circumstances.
The group issued a statement Friday afternoon acknowledging that it is “stopping operations this month.”
Lipinski cited an investigation by ProPublica Illinois and the Chicago Sun-Times that detailed the transactions.
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office said it is reviewing the revelations uncovered in the story.
Leaders moved millions around five nonprofits they run, steering money to for-profit ventures in which they have a stake, Sun-Times, ProPublica find.
It’s not big trafficking rings. Mostly, it’s through little guys like John Thomas.
The Chicago Housing Authority says its massive “Plan for Transformation” will be done by year’s end — years late and not exactly what was promised.
On the Near North Side, in Bronzeville and Jefferson Park, vastly different communities, aldermen are struggling with how to provide public housing.
Illinois House passes bill that would mean police could no longer arrest parolees just for having contact with a gang member, only for gang activity.