Stefano Esposito

Features Reporter
Meher Dance Company is one of a number of dance groups offering lessons at various locations around the city during SummerDance 2024.
The Boston Typewriter Orchestra brings its unique music to Bridgeport Thursday.
British costume designer Gabriella Slade won a Tony Award in 2022 for her work.
“Chicago Collects: Jewelry In Perspective” at the Driehaus Museum highlights pendants, tiaras, and precious an semiprecious stones from the late 17th century to present day.
Robert Christie wants City Hall to do more to protect his home from errant trucks that find they can’t fit through a nearby underpass. City Hall recently cited him for failing to fix the damage the trucks left. Now, he’s considering selling.
Victorinox hasn’t given a timeline yet for the device’s introduction, but officials say they’ll still carry models with blades.
The 67-year-old organization, which originated in Hyde Park as the Chicago Children’s Choir, announced this week that it has received a $4 million donation.
The rare fossil of a birdlike creature said to be the missing link between dinosaurs and birds went on display Monday.