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Video: Teddy Bridgewater delivers nasty stiff arm on Amos

The Bears are high on some of their young defensive backs, but it’ll be hard to convince Chicagoans of their talent after Teddy Bridgewater came into town Sunday.

Bridgewater is an interesting quarterback. He doesn’t have the leg speed of a Cam Newton, but he doesn’t scare opponents with his arm because Minnesota is a run-heavy team. However, many teams know how hard it is to force him into a mistake. Even when he’s flustered, Bridgewater usually finds a way to make a heady play.

He displayed this ability a few times Sunday against the Bears. In the first quarter, Chicago rookie Adrian Amos broke through the offensive line of the Vikings and nearly sacked the Vikings QB. But he didn’t, because Bridgewater stiff armed him into oblivion.

Teddy isn’t a very big or athletic quarterback but somehow he makes brilliant plays time after time that don’t always reflect themselves in the stat sheet.