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Comeback Cutler is changing the narrative

When the pressure is on, Jay Cutler is going to screw something up. It’s been one of the biggest knocks on the Bears quarterback and has helped shape his image in the NFL. But in all fairness, it’s been the truth throughout Cutler’s career.

That is, until this season.

Throughout the first eight games of the season, only six of which Cutler played the entirety of, the Bears quarterback has almost single-handedly willed the team to wins. All three of the Bears wins have come with Cutler leading a late drive to take the lead. Even in a losing effort against the Lions, Cutler led a fourth quarter drive to force overtime.

This season Cutler is playing some of his best football in the fourth quarter. In the final frame, Cutler has a quarterback rating of 91.5, well above his career average both overall and in the fourth. Just as important, especially for this Bears team, Cutler is playing his best football when the team is coming from behind.

Cutler has led the Bears on six touchdown drives in the fourth quarter, including two in the final four minutes of a game the Bears trailed.

One season won’t change the outlook on Cutler’s career. Many may still look at his two fourth quarter interceptions. However, he is keeping this year’s Bears team relevant in an otherwise forgettable season.