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Kyle Long says Jay Cutler would let him babysit his kids

If you trust Kyle Long to watch your back every day on the football field, why wouldn’t you trust him to watch your kids at home.

The Bears offensive lineman has a tight relationship with quarterback Jay Cutler and his family outside of football.

Appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday, Patrick asked Long if Cutler would let him babysit.

“Absolutely,” Long said without any hesitation. “I hang out with his kids a lot. They’re funny dudes. I’ve seen them grow up, and they’re in a funny stage now. They’re starting to pick up on who Jay is—that he’s a football player. They love football—watching him. It’s cool to be a part of that. Hopefully, no kids for me for a long time, though.”

Patrick wondered if Cutler’s sons—three-year-old Camden and 17-month-old Jaxon—were afraid of the Long because of his size.

“Actually, his oldest was afraid of me,” Long said. “His youngest isn’t afraid of anything. The oldest at first was like, ‘who is this big, bald dude. What the hell does he want with me?’ But I think we have come to an understanding.”