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Matt Forte thinks Kyle Long looks like Bull from 'Night Court'

At 6-foot 7-inches, 313 pounds and sporting a shiny dome, Kyle Long is a pretty distinctive looking man.

Whom do others think he looks like?

That was the question posed to him by Dan Patrick on “The Dan Patrick Show.”

“Bull from ‘Night Court,’ ” Long said. “Matt Forte always calls me Bull from ‘Night Court.’ Goldberg I get from a lot of the guys. Like if we sign a new guy mid-week, he’ll be like, ‘hey man, you kinda look like Goldberg. Steve Austin, I’ve heard. The lack of creativity in the doppelganger department really drives me crazy. There’s only so many options for a bald, bearded man.”

Whom does Kyle Long look like?

Forte seems to be the director of the Bears’ Doppelganger Dept. You might recall, he thinks Jay Cutler looks like the “Million Dollar Listing” guy.

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