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Brandon Marshall is still a Jay Cutler fan

When Brandon Marshall came to the Chicago Bears to reunite with Jay Cutler, everything was pointing up. When he was traded to the Jets, well, the two players didn’t appear to be on the best of terms.

It’s been more than eight months since Cutler and Marshall parted ways. Both players have had their own football issues to deal with and both have had strong seasons to date. It appears, with that time, any tension between the two is starting to fade, at least from Marshall’s end.

Last year, Marshall made news when he boldly said Cutler was going to win the league’s MVP award. Needless to say, Cutler fell a bit short. While he’s likely not on anyone’s MVP ballot quite yet, Cutler is having a strong year.

When a fan reminded Marshall of his statement, he seemed to give his stamp of approval through Twitter.

It’s not exactly the clearest vote of confidence, but Marshall clearly doesn’t have any ill will towards Cutler. For his part, Marshall is having a good season. With the exception of one amazingly bizarre play, he’s been the top offensive threat for the Jets.