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Dave Wannstedt said Pat O'Donnell should have grabbed Marcus Sherels' face mask on TD return

Generally, you don’t want your punter or kicker to have to make a tackle, but when pressed into action, you’d like to see them at least pretend to show effort.

That was not the case for Bears punter Pat O’Donnell when the Vikings’ Marcus Sherels returned his punt 65 yards unscathed for a touchdown.

Social media quickly noted the lack of effort by O’Donnell.

Former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt also noticed O’Donnell’s feeble attempt and pointed it out on Comcast SportsNet’s “Inside the Huddle.”

When breaking down the return, Wannstedt said even if O’Donnell couldn’t make the tackle, he needed to “go over there and grab [Sherels] by the face mask. Kevin Butler was the best at that.”