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Anthony Rizzo on the sideline at Soldier Field

Anthony Rizzo on the sideline before the Bears game. (Via @ZachZaidman on Twitter)

As is the case almost every Sunday, almost all eyes in Chicago are focused on the Bears. With the Broncos in town, a full crowd at Soldier Field is ready to cheer on the Bears. That includes Cubs slugger Anthony Rizzo.

The Cubs first baseman was spotted on the sideline before the start of the Bears game, even wearing his Bears shirt.

This isn’t the first time Rizzo has shown support for a fellow Chicago sports team. While the Blackhawks were making their Stanley Cup run last season Rizzo was one of many Cubs players regularly seen wearing a Blackhawks sweater or showing support for the team.

Earlier this season, with the Stanley Cup in hand, members of the Blackhawks came to Soldier Field earlier in the season when the Bears played Oakland.