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It's been more than 750 days since the Bears last won a divisional game on the road

There are two stats that play a huge role in a team’s ability to compete for a division crown: Wins on the road and wins within the division.

Division wins on the road are even more important, but that’s exactly where the Bears have struggled.

In fact, Chicago hasn’t won a divisional road game since Nov. 4, 2013. Thirty-four games and more than 750 days have passed since that 27-20 win over the Packers at Lambeau Field.

In that game, Josh McCown led the Bears over the Seneca Wallace-led Packers. Jay Cutler hasn’t quarterbacked a Bears road victory over a divisional foe since Dec. 30, 2012 — a 26-24 win over the Lions at Ford Field.

Those road struggles are obviously a major factor in why the Bears haven’t won the NFC North since 2010.

They’re all but eliminated from NFC North contention this season, but the Bears will get a shot at breaking their streak Thursday when they return to Lambeau Field to take on Green Bay.

Vegas has Chicago as a nine-point underdog entering the Thanksgiving night game.

Bears quarterbacks to start at least three games since 1992