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The Bears may want to avoid drafting a first round quarterback

If Bears fans were to be asked what the team needs most, a huge percentage of them would say a new quarterback. Heading into his seventh year in Chicago, fans have grown wary of Jay Cutler.

However, a new report from the Wall Street Journal may make the Bears brass a little hesitant to take a quarterback early in the NFL Draft.

This year, according to separate interviews with dozens of NFL coaches and executives, something disturbing happened in these pre-draft quiz sessions. When asked the same basic questions, many quarterback prospects responded with something NFL insiders said they have never seen before: blank stares.

According to the report, the problem can be traced to growing dependence on the spread offense in college.

Quarterbacks who typically would be breaking down a defense, are instead just concerned with speed and running their own play, regardless of the defense.

Seven quarterbacks were drafted in the 2015 NFL Draft. Bryce Petty, who went in the fourth round to the Jets, said he struggled to learn the new offense.

With a season of expected rebuilding ahead of the Bears, it would make sense for them to consider a quarterback with Cutler getting a year older. However, if the report is correct, Bears GM Ryan Pace may need to take extra caution.