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The Bears and Miller Lite partner for free bus rides

Getting to a Bears game can sometimes be a hassle, especially after a few adult beverages. So Miller Lite is teaming up with the Bears again to help shuttle fans around the city.

Bears fans can climb aboard the free double decker bus from 10a.m. until 6p.m. as it circles through the Loop and South Loop neighborhoods.

The bus makes various stops, including neighborhood bars Krol’s, Ceres, and Wabash Tap, among others. After picking up the bus full of fans, it will stop again outside Soldier Field.

Here is the full list of stops:

  • Soldier Field
  • 141 W. Jackson
  • 1150 S. Michigan Ave
  • 1233 S. Wabash Ave
  • 1736 S. Michigan Ave
  • 1340 S. Canal St.

The Bears play at home against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Fans will have roughly two hours to get on the bus before the game starts and more than three hours after the game ends to catch it leaving the stadium.

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Last week Miller Lite partnered with the Bears not only for the double decker bus, but also Uber. Fans enjoyed up to $25 in free rides after the game.