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John Fox wished he had Jay Cutler when he took over in Denver

John Fox says he wishes he would have had Jay Cutler when he arrived to coach Denver in 2011. | AP

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The verdict was out on Jay Cutler when John Fox took over as head coach of the Bears. It was unclear which side of the Cutler debate the run-oriented, ball-control coach would fall.

Well, it seems the enigmatic quarterback has won the confidence of his new coach. While speaking on a conference call with Arizona media, Fox seemingly gave Cutler a compliment.

When Fox arrived in Denver in 2011, Kyle Orton—the player the Bears traded in 2009 for Jay Cutler—was his starting quarterback. After a 1-4 start, the Broncos handed the starting job to Tim Tebow, who won seven of the next 11 and led the Broncos to the AFC playoffs. In his only playoff appearances, Tebow was 1-1, the same career playoff record as Cutler.