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Jay Cutler hopes healthy WRs add new dimension

Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery is fully healthy. (AP)

The Bears’ starting receivers are fully healthy for the first time in six weeks, and their quarterback thinks that gives his offense a new dimension.

The best hope for one is Alshon Jeffery, whose deep threat could loosen up the Bears’ rush, and vice versa. He the Bears with five catches for 78 yards Sunday in his return from a mild calf strain.

“He buys into what we’re doing,” quarterback Jay Cutler said Thursday at Halas Hall. “But, I mean, it’s not about him just getting a big contract. I think that’s the furthest thing from his mind. He wants the team to do well first and then whatever happens with him will happen.”

Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, who Gase said mirrors pass-catchers so well “it’s almost like the receivers are telling him what route they’re running,” could chase Jeffery around the field.

Share Events on The Cube“Because we have so many formations and we do go pretty fast, I don’t know if they’re going to want him running all over the field or not,” Cutler said.

The Cardinals will play a lot of man-to-man defense Sunday, the way the Packers did, and won’t be afraid to blitz.

“We’re going to use guys for their skill set the best that we can,” Gase said. “So if there’s a couple things here and there that we can’t do right now, it’s all right. We’ll be able to implement them later on in the season.”

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