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Rick Telander talks about the importance of health to the Bears and all NFL teams

With the 2015 Chicago Bears season right around the corner, Chicago Sun-Times Sports’ Rick Telander talks about the adversity and challenges the team faces.

With players getting healthy that have missed time in the preseason, the Bears should soon find out just how good they are.

“That’s what the Bears will find out as soon as this season starts, see if they get their wide receivers back, see if that offensive line is any good,” Telander said.

And just how good can this team be?

“See if John Fox’s new team is any better than Lovie Smith in the past,” Telander said. “Of course it will be better than Marc Trestman. But, don’t forget Lovie Smith’s last season, the Bears went 10-6. How sweet would that look this year, huh?”