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Brandon Marshall scores, styles well in life after Bears

Similar to the trade that landed Brandon Marshall on the Bears roster in 2012, the Jets have been winners in a transaction that sent the receiver to New York for a low priority draft pick.

The Bears thought they were getting a polarizing Marshall for cheap as they shipped just two third-round picks to Miami for his services. After a disappointing run under former Bears coach Marc Trestman, Chicago sent Marshall to NY for a fifth rounder.

Now, the Jets are reaping the benefits of Marshall’s skills. Through two games this season, he has 163 yards and two touchdowns.

In Sunday’s win against the Colts, Marshall went for 101 yards and a touchdown grab. His lone TD reception was an extreme feat of human strength.

After the game, Marshall brought out his best performance — or worst, depending on your taste.

Someone will start to appreciate Marshall’s skills, hopefully it will happen before he gets to Canton or before he invests in a fashion career.