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Despite struggles, Bears running game is excelling behind Matt Forte

There have been very few things that have gone right for the Bears so far in this young season. With an 0-2 record, fresh off an ugly loss, one wouldn’t expect to find many highlights.

However, the Bears running game has not only been good but one of the best in the league. As a team, the Bears have the fifth best rushing attack in the league, averaging 149 yards per game.

The running game has obviously been lead by the stellar play of Matt Forte. However, before getting injured, Jay Cutler added in 55 yards of his own. Back up running backs Jeremy Langford and Jacquizz Rodgers both have more than 20 yards of their own.

Forte has cemented himself as one of the best running backs in the game. The multi-talented veteran has been able to do almost whatever he’s wanted in the backfield.

The former Pro Bowler ranks as the third most proficient running back in the league. Through two games he’s already totaled 202 yards rushing.

With Cutler out for the next two weeks, the offense will rely on Forte even more. If the Bears have any chance of winning this week, Forte will have to produce at the same level with the Seahawks keying on him all game.