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Bears' Sam Acho: I had mono

Sam Acho said Wednesday night he contracted mononucleosis during training camp. (AP)

Sam Acho’s preseason illness was mononucleosis, the Bears’ outside linebacker revealed to a radio show Wednesday night.

Acho told Laurence Holmes of WSCR-AM that he didn’t feel up to par during training camp, and he visited a doctor who told him the news.

“Long story short, they found out I had mono,” he said.

His liver and spleen was enlarged as a result, he said. He missed 19 days before returning to the team.

Acho made his season debut Sunday against the Cardinals after being cut the day before the Packers opener and re-signed two days later.

“We needed somebody to play on special teams that week,” he said. “It was more of a one-day roster move.”

He said there was a “mutual understanding” that he would return to the team.

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