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Expert Picks: Bears at Seahawks in Week 3

It's going to be a long day for John Fox without Jay Cutler. (AP)

The Chicago Sun-Times offers their predictions for the Bears’ Week 3 matchup on the road against the Seattle Seahawks.


Seahawks 31-17

Let’s see: The Bears probably won’t have an injured Jay Cutler, and the Seahawks probably will have safety Kam Chancellor, who ended his holdout Wednesday. Yeah, this should go really well. Big difference between 0-2 teams here. Season: 2-0


Seahawks 42-14

If you’ve ever been to Century Link Field, I hope you can hear this. Because you may be deaf. My visits there have left me in need of hearing aids (true, along with other factors, such as that Stones concert at the Amphitheater in 1967). The Bears won’t know if an audible is“Fly route!” or “Mike Trout!” Earplugs–and blindfolds–in order. Season: 1-1


Seahawks 31-13

There isn’t one reason to pick the Bears in this one, yet there are several in favor of a blowout by Seahawks. No. 1 on the list? The Bears are looking at being without quarterback Jay Cutler and receiver Alshon Jeffery because of hamstring injuries. Yep, this could be ugly. Season: 1-1


Seahawks 31-8

Eventually, somebody is going to catch the Bears at the wrong time, but it won’t happen here. On the contrary, the Bears are catching the Seahawks at the worst time — their first home game after an 0-2 start. After last week, Bears can fail to cover and still take a step forward. Season: 2-0.


Seahawks 34-20

If the Packers’ James Starks can gain 95 yards on 20 carries against the Seahawks, maybe Matt Forte can do better. That’s the only way this thing stays reasonable. But I don’t think it happens, particularly because, with a backup quarterback and perhaps no Alshon Jeffery, the Seahawks don’t have to respect the pass. Season: 2-0