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Bears get fooled by Seahawks trick play on punt return

Most experts seem to think the Bears will have their hands full all day long with Seattle, and that’s without the use of any trickery by the Seahawks.

During the first quarter, the Bears were forced to punt with Seattle’s always dangerous Tyler Lockett back to return. The Bears had total focus on shutting down Lockett and had their coverage all over him.

There was only one problem, Richard Sherman was returning the kick.

The deception worked. Sherman returned the kick 64 yards to the Bears 20-yard-line. It would eventually result in the Seahawks kicking a field goal and taking an early 3-0 lead.

The trick play should look familiar to Bears fans. Chicago ran nearly the exact same play a few years ago against the Packers.

Outside of the big punt return, the Bears defense has looked strong against the Seahawks. The field goal is the only score so far in the game, and the Bears have even tallied their first two sacks of the season.