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Controversial call costs the Bears during first half against Seattle

Considering what many experts thought would happen Sunday, the Bears have played impressively well against Seattle. However, if they want to pull the upset, they will need a few calls to go their way.

Midway through the second quarter, the Bears not only didn’t get a favorable call, but looked to be flat out robbed.

The Bears were punting to Seattle when it appeared the football hit a Seattle player on the heel. The Bears recovered the ball, but the referees ruled the ball was simply downed and Seattle would take over possession.

Having already used one challenge successfully and with only one timeout remaining, head coach John Fox challenged the ruling. It appeared the Bears would be getting the ball back.

After seeing the video, broadcaster Phil Simms strongly believed the Bears would get the call, as did both teams. The Bears sent out their offense and Seattle sent out their defense.

Unfortunately, the referee didn’t see it the same way. The ruling came back that the call would stand, meaning they saw no definitive evidence either way.

Adding insult to injury, the controversial call left the Bears without any timeouts for the remainder of the half and without a challenge for the rest of the game.

The ruling didn’t do any further damage to Chicago in the first half. Seattle punted on the ensuing possession and were held to only one more field goal before halftime.

At the break, the Seahawks had a 6-0 lead.