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Jay Cutler gets the super hero treatment on weird candy

Jay Cutler has been called a lot of things in Chicago. Super hero candy salesman has never been one of them.

However, a picture surfaced over the weekend of a marvelous looking Cutler on the packaging of an official National Football League Players Inc. candy.

The product itself is little football shaped candies meant for kids. The image comes from a former Cutler teammate and Bears player.

Israel Idonije, former defensive tackle and founder of Althitacomics, had the image of Cutler and other NFL players designed to purposely look like a superhero.

Cutler may need to have some super human powers if he wants to get the Bears anywhere this season. He reportedly warmed up before the Seahawks game but wasn’t allowed to play even as the Bears offense stalled repeatedly.

Cutler is far from the only player to have his image used for Quarterback Gummies. He is joined by the likes of Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, among others.

Picture via Imgur