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Martellus Bennett 'pissed off' at NFL after getting fined

Bears tight end Martellus Bennett said he was fined for wearing the wrong shoes. (AP)

Saying he was “pissed off at the NFL,” Bears tight end Martellus Bennett said the league fined him for wearing cleats that are colored too black Sunday against the Seahawks.

“They get mad because my cleats are too black, but they’re perfect for my feet,” he said Wednesday after practice at Halas Hall. “I feel like they’re supposed to protect the players. I have a certain shoe that feels the best for my foot. I’ve had foot problems over the last two years.

“They fine me because they’re too black, and they don’t make them in white.”

Bennett, who does not have a shoe deal, wears Jordan brand cleats and blacks out the logos with a pen.

Per NFL rules, he can be fined $5,787 or $11,576 for uniform and equipment violations.

Bennett laughed when asked if he could simply pay the fine every week.

“I’ve got a kid at home, (expletive),” he said. “She’s smart, too, so I’m gonna have to pay for Harvard or something. She’ll probably end up moving to Paris or something, actually, getting to know her.”

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