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Matt Forte: 'This might be my last year here'

Matt Forte realizes this could be his last season with the Bears. | AP

Just days from the opener against the Green Bay Packers, and the longest-tenured position player on the Bears is talking about playing somewhere else next season.

Mike Adamle of NBC 5 caught up with Matt Forte and asked the Bears’ eight-year running back about his contract, which is up after this season. Forte seemed resigned but unhappy with the Bears’ decision to not give him an extension.

Forte told NBC 5:

“It’s just kind of discouraging as a player. You know, I’ve been here seven years—going on eight –and been producing at a constant level, year after year. For them to not want to do an extension, which would obviously extend my career in this city, it’s just kind of discouraging because you feel like the guys that do that should be rewarded. It’s a production-based industry, so if you produce you should be rewarded with that.”

Forte has averaged more than 1,000 yards rushing per season during his career with the Bears and last season caught a career-high 102 passes.

Forte said he hopes he can stay, but realizes it’s a business:

“But that doesn’t always happen so I’ve come to the realization that this might be my last year here, so I’m gonna make it the best year I can possibly make it. So if I’m a free agent at the end of the year I might have to go somewhere else. If it comes down to that,”