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Bears will honor each decade of their history during home games this year

As part of the ongoing 100th anniversary celebration, the Bears will shine a light on the many eras in their franchise’s past.

Kyle Fuller reveals the Bears’ classic jersey for the 2019 season.
Mark Black/For the Sun-Times

The Bears will use each of their home games during the 2019 season to honor a different decade from the franchise’s storied history. The team released the schedule for when each decade will be honored Monday, starting with the preseason opener against the Panthers honoring the 1920s.

There will not be a firm chronological order used for the series of celebrations. The team will skip from the 20s to the 50s to the 80s over the first three weeks, continuing a pattern of bouncing around the last century until the 2010s are honored during the Week 16 matchup against Kansas City.

The celebration of the 80s – likely to focus on the 1985 Super Bowl team – will coincide with the regular season opener against the Packers.

In addition to the game-day celebrations, the Bears will also donate $100,000 each week to a different charity, totaling $1 million.

Bears decade celebration schedule

Date Week Opponent Decade
Date Week Opponent Decade
Thursday, Aug. 8 Preseason Panthers 1920s
Thursday, Aug. 29 Preseason Titans 1950s
Thursday, Sept. 5 1 Packers 1980s
Sunday, Sept. 29 4 Vikings 1930s
Sunday, Oct. 20 7 Saints 1970s
Sunday, Oct. 27 8 Chargers 2000s
Sunday, Nov. 10 10 Lions 1940s
Sunday, Nov. 24 12 Giants 1960s
Thursday, Dec. 5 14 Cowboys 1990s
Sunday, Dec. 22 16 Chiefs 2010s