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Bears’ Matt Nagy responds to Zach Miller: ‘I appreciate everyone’s suggestions’

Thanks for all the “opinions and thoughts, suggestions,” but Nagy isn’t interested. And he seems resolute about sticking with Nick Foles over Mitch Trubisky.

Matt Nagy says thanks but no thanks to all the suggestions being sent his way lately.
Matt Nagy says thanks but no thanks to all the suggestions being sent his way lately.
Kamil Krzaczynski/AP

Even though his team sits 28th in the NFL in scoring and has scuffled through back-to-back losses, Bears coach Matt Nagy isn’t about to set up a suggestion box outside Halas Hall.

He wasn’t particularly interested — predictably — when former Bears tight end Zach Miller subtly recommended that he bench quarterback Nick Foles and go back to Mitch Trubisky by tweeting a photo of himself wearing a shirt that said, ‘‘Mitch please,’’ as Foles struggled during the game Sunday against the Saints.

‘‘I didn’t see the tweet; I don’t know anything about that,’’ Nagy said Monday. ‘‘But I think we all understand that we watch tape, we watch video and we do what’s best. We make the best decision based off of how we do as a team, not just one position, so that’s what we do.

‘‘I appreciate everyone’s opinions and thoughts, suggestions. But I think there’s a lot more to it right now than that.’’

Sure, but quarterback is an issue.

In 5 1/2 games since replacing Trubisky, Foles has completed 65% of his passes, averaged 235 yards and thrown eight touchdowns against seven interceptions for an 80.2 passer rating. He is second-worst in the NFL at 6.1 yards per pass.

Trubisky, who lasted 2 1/2 games, completed 59%, averaged 140 yards and had six touchdowns and three interceptions for an 87.4 rating.

Nagy did go back to Trubisky on Sunday, but only as a wildcat quarterback on one play. He ran for three yards.

Miller played for the Bears in 2015-17, overlapping with Trubisky for one season. He suffered a career-ending injury in 2017 but was on injured reserve with the Bears in 2018 for Nagy’s first season and has maintained a relationship with the organization.