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Bears coach Matt Nagy wallpapered his basement with what?

When Matt Nagy says to “Be You,” he believes it.

Bears coach Matt Nagy lined his basement walls with his call sheets.
Chicago Bears

When Matt Nagy says to “Be You,” he believes it.

Fans that saw video and pictures of the Bears head coach holed up in his basement during the NFL draft couldn’t help but notice his wallpaper looked familiar. It was the laminated sheets that he used to call plays during the 2018 season.

“We were trying to figure out what to do, where to put them, a couple years ago,” he said in a teleconference Saturday night. We” decided that down there in the basement is a good little spot in one of our rooms in the basement. That room hasn’t been used very much.

“That first night, things were very tight quarters in my office. So I figured to open it up a little bit and let the kids run around. So, that’s what that is.”

Nagy’s wall has a couple shelves, a flat-screen TV — and a framed George Halas jersey that he wore in 2018 when the team dressed up in throwbacks before a game. The frame sits on the wall, though, ready to be hung up.

Nagy was captured on the NFL’s broadcast Friday and Saturday night, often surrounded by his four sons and the family dog, “Tuddy.”