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Bobblehead is dead to Bears

Bears get Day of the Dead-themed collectible.

A Day of the Dead-themed Bears bobblehead.
A Day of the Dead-themed Bears bobblehead.

The Bears will have their own Day of the Dead-inspired bobblehead.

(Cue the jokes from Bears fans.)

The 8-inch bobbleheads depict a smiling skeleton in a team-colored outfit and sombrero while playing the guitar, according to manufacturer FOCO.

“We are very excited to introduce these new bobbleheads, inspired by traditional Day of the Dead imagery,” said Matthew Katz, Senior Licensing Manager at FOCO. “While Day of the Dead festivities take place in late October, we think fans will be eager to get their hands on these colorful, unique bobbleheads all year round,” Matthew Katz, FOCO’s senior licensing manager, said in a statement.

The $40 bobbleheads are available online at