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Bears to add veteran pass rusher Bruce Irvin: report

The Bears are trying to manage Khalil Mack’s absence due to a sprained foot.

Irvin sacking Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2012.

As the Bears try to keep their pass rush going despite outside linebacker Khalil Mack’s absence because of a sprained foot, NFL Network reported they will add veteran pass rusher Bruce Irvin.

Irvin, 34, missed most of last season because of a torn ACL and was not on a roster this season. His last full season was 2019, when he had a career-high 8.5 sacks in 13 games for the Panthers.

He established himself with 22 sacks in his first four seasons with the Seahawks and has 52 for his career.

Mack led the Bears with six sacks in the first seven games despite getting hurt in Week 3 against the Browns. He missed the 49ers and Steelers games as the Bears tried to let him heal, but they opted against putting him on injured reserve and coach Matt Nagy was optimistic at the start of the week that he could play against the Ravens.