Polling Place: Is there a better word than ‘pathetic’ to describe Bears vs. Packers?

Hint: No, there is not.

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Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers has had his way with the Bears. Perhaps you knew that already.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

You probably haven’t noticed it, but lately the Packers have won more games against the Bears than the Bears have won against the Packers. Yes, it’s true. And by “lately” we mean going back to the dawn of time, or at least for nearly 30 years now.

Since 1993, in fact, the Bears are 13-43 against their supposed rivals. Is it really a rivalry when one side doesn’t have to get out of bed to go up two touchdowns on the other?

Anyway, what’s the best word for such sheer, unadulterated dominance? More to the point: How to put it from a Bear’s fan’s perspective?

Infuriating? Hilarious? Pathetic? Boring? That’s what we asked in this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter.

“I love the Bears,” @gregory_neal1 commented, “but I am so tired of rooting for them.”

Un-fun but true: “pathetic” ruled the day. You can see the gory details for yourselves below. On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: Since 1993, the Bears are 13-43 against the Packers. Which word best sums it up?

Upshot: We felt pretty good about the four words we chose until we read @matt_mcnult’s comment, which included a compelling alternative: “ ‘Insanity.’ It’s doing absolutely nothing a modern NFL team does and expecting to compete.” The lot of us surely could gather around a giant bar table and come up with a bottomless list of adjectives to be used at the Bears’ expense. Oh, well — anybody can have a bad quarter-century-plus, right?

Poll No. 2: The Bears are 12½-point underdogs heading into Sunday night’s game in Green Bay. Are you giving or taking the points?

Upshot: So it has reached the point where Bears fans don’t even feel safe with a nearly two-touchdown cushion? Talk about pathetic! But, hey, not everyone has given up hope in the Monsters of the Midway. “Don’t need the points,” @JayBear29 commented. “We finna beat them heads up.” Wait, is that a parody account? But we kid our man Jay Bear.

Poll No. 3: Over the course of his Bears career, will Justin Fields have a winning record or a losing record against the Packers?

Upshot: You know, it’s possible that having a really excellent quarterback — or, say, two of them back-to-back — makes a difference in the arc of a rivalry. So here’s what Fields should do: be another Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers. Yes! It’s so simple! “Man, we need to turn the tide,” @Chicagosports09 offered, “but it’s going to take more than Justin.” Dang it, we thought we had it all figured out there for a second.

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