Source: Bills LB Andre Smith fined for preseason hit on Bears QB Justin Fields

The Bears didn’t call out Smith’s hit as egregious beyond the original penalty, but a fine seemed inevitable.

SHARE Source: Bills LB Andre Smith fined for preseason hit on Bears QB Justin Fields

Smith knocked Fields flat on the first play of the fourth quarter last week. Fields was fine other than a minor cut near his eye.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The NFL fined Bills linebacker Andre Smith $5,806 for his hit on Bears quarterback Justin Fields in a preseason game last week, a source said.

Smith raced past the Bears’ offensive line from Fields’ right side at the start of the fourth quarter and leveled him at full speed with a high hit. He knocked the ball loose and sent Fields’ helmet bouncing at least 15 yards.
Bears coach Matt Nagy said Fields needed to recognize that the Bills outnumbered his blockers and adjust, and Fields called it “a learning lesson.”

“He’s got to get rid of the ball there,” Nagy said. “They have one extra [player] than us and between the offensive line and the quarterback and the wide receivers and the coaching staff — next time we see this, we’ve got to do this or do that.

“I’m glad he’s okay. Always scares you when the helmet pops up like that, but Justin is tough. He’s a tough dude.”

Fields seemed fine after the player other than a minor cut near his eye.

The NFL also fined Bears wide receiver Chris Lacy for a crackback block in the third quarter of that game, a source said. Lacy’s penalty is $4,333.

The Bears play their final preseason game Saturday at the Titans, and Fields will make his first start. Fields is expected to play the first half, and third-stringer Nick Foles will play the second.

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