Bulls traveling party will self-quarantine through Sunday

Because four Brooklyn Nets players have tested positive for the coronavirus, the Bulls have been asked to self-quarantine the entire traveling party through Sunday in the wake of their March 8 game in Brooklyn.

SHARE Bulls traveling party will self-quarantine through Sunday
The Bulls said their travel party will self quarantine.

The Bulls said their travel party will self quarantine.

According to the Bulls on Wednesday, the team was obviously aware of the interaction with the Nets in Brooklyn during the March 8 game.

Since that game, four players from the Nets, including star Kevin Durant, tested positive for the coronavirus. The Bulls contacted the NBA and health officials after the news broke, and while no one in the traveling party has displayed any symptoms, the entire group will self-quarantine through the recommended two weeks, which goes through this Sunday.

Players were allowed to leave the market area they played for last week, so it is up for players and the organization to stay in contact with each other, as well as designated health officials over this time.

What does that mean between now and Sunday?

Like the rest of the NBA, the Bulls are just the latest team in wait-and-see mode. Teams like the Raptors and the Pistons immediately had to self-quarantine beginning last week after Rudy Gobert was the first known NBA player to test positive, quickly followed by Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell.

Four teams were identified as having played Utah in that window of concern, so the NBA worked with local health officials to make sure the parties of all four teams followed the proper protocol.

It looked like the Bulls were in the clear after the only team that came up as a possible concern was the Knicks, but they played Utah right after the meeting in New York.

When four cases were discovered with the Nets, however, that changed everything.

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