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Bulls upgrade South Side park’s basketball court with stunning new design

One of the coolest basketball courts in Chicago now sits in Burnside Park.

The new basketball court at Burnside Park.
Twitter @ChicagoBulls

Where’s the coolest basketball court in all of Chicago? Burnside Park may be in the running, if not the outright leader, now after receiving a glow-up courtesy of the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Park District.

The court — which was unveiled by the Bulls on Wednesday in partnership with sponsor Zenni Optical and the park district — boasts an incredible, colorful look from local artist Anthony Lewellen. The design includes a very clean, white overall background with big splashes of color inside the three-point arcs. On each side under the basket, a giant bull blows smoke out of its nose.

Compared to the old black asphalt that had been there prior to the renovation, it’s fair to say the court looks much more exciting now. Check out these before and after photos from the team:

The Bulls say this is now the “freshest court” in the city ... and it may be difficult to disagree.