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Rep. Foster hitting Lincoln Park for fundraiser

Rep. Bill Foster D-Ill. hits Lincoln Park on Friday for a fundraiser hosted at the home of Paul Levy, a close pal of Mayor Rahm Emanuel–who is listed on state records as an overseer of one of the mayor’s fundraising warchests, The Chicago Committee.

Foster is pitted against state Rep. Darlene Senger R-Naperville in the battle for the Illinois 11th congressional district seat, anchored in the western suburbs.

The co-hosts of the Foster event are longtime Democratic donors: Paul Levy & Mia Park, Mike Carter, Kevin & Claudia Conlon, Judy & Mickey Gaynor, Jim Kaplan, Jim & Judith Klutznick, Ken & Diane Marshall, Lowell Sachnoff & Fay Clayton, Sheila Smith, and Steve & Stephanie Victor.

The price points:

Host: $2,600

Sponsor: $1,000

Patron: $500

Supporter: $250

Foster’s fundraiser for this event is Ben Huntley.