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Poll has Preckwinkle ahead of Emanuel in mayor's race

A new poll shows Toni Preckwinkle leading Rahm Emanuel in a hypothetical 2015 mayor’s race.

40 percent of respondents said they would vote for Preckwinkle if the election was held today, while 32 percent said the same about Emanuel. A wide swath of voters – 28 percent – were undecided.

53 percent of those polled said Chicago is heading in the wrong direction.

As Crain’s Chicago points out, the survey was conducted by robocalls, a method 538’s Nate Silver says has a wider margin of error than other methods.

Still, it’s an interesting snapshot ahead of next year’s election.

The poll was conducted by Strive Strategies on behalf of the Illinois Observer and has a margin of error of 3.49 percent.

[Via Crain’s Chicago]