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The Must List for Wednesday, May 21, 2014

CTU report says CPS broke promises on benefits of school closings

Despite promises by Chicago Public Schools to reinvest in classrooms the money saved by closing a historic number of schools one year ago, the Chicago Teachers Union says that the district spent most of those millions elsewhere.

Pussy Riot’s conduct a sacrilege to some democratic ideals

If the warm reception they’ve received recently in New York and Washington is any indication, the Russian punk musicians/political dissidents of Pussy Riot will be hailed again as heroines of democracy in their first visit to Chicago in September.

Lucas museum means a new hope for transit upgrades, panel vows

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to offer movie mogul George Lucas free lakefront land to build a new interactive museum could “serve as a catalyst” for a host of transportation improvements to Chicago’s iconic museum campus.

Lawmakers grill IHSA boss

A legislative hearing on the Illinois High School Association’s oversight of high school sports grew testy at times Tuesday, with one lawmaker lecturing dozens of educators who turned out in support of the IHSA and another calling the hearing “about the biggest screwed-up mess I’ve seen Springfield produce.”

State election board deals blow to redistricting amendment group

A bid to change the Illinois constitution to take political mapmaking out of the hands of state lawmakers faces trouble after state election authorities Tuesday found less than half of the signatures gathered by supporters on petitions were valid.


American elections are stuck in the 20th century. Here’s how to change that. (Vox)

Luis Gutiérrez warns of last GOP prez (Politico)

RNC takes shot at Hillary Clinton in new video (Early & Often)

17 things you didn’t know about the Koch brother (The Washington Post) will cost more than $1 billion to build (The Daily Caller)

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