Vocal Matt Gaetz backers suddenly pipe down

After word congressman’s ally is talking to feds in sex-trafficking case, QAnon voices start to fade

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Quiet? Rarely.

Tepid? Recently.

Believers of QAnon, the online conspiracy theory that falsely claimed politics was controlled by a Satan-worshipping group of elite Democrats running a child sex ring, erupted offline late last month.

Burbling forth spits and spews, the community erupted amid news reports the feds, probing online sex recruitment and underage sex trafficking, had shifted their focus to a Republican!

The feds were looking into the alleged “social” activities of pro-Trumpite Florida Republican U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, and his connections to a close friend and fellow Donald Trump supporter charged with sex trafficking of a minor.

What? A Trumpster? A Republican?

“Naw,” the QAnon community railed.


“Targeted,” they screamed.

“He [Gaetz] looked confident in his response,” they chirped to Fox News.


QAnon followers’ support of Gaetz followed the indictment of Gaetz’s buddy, former Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg, who, among other things, was charged with sex trafficking of a minor and cooperating with the U.S. Justice Department in their probe.

It was followed by news reports Greenberg has been talking to the feds about the conduct of Gaetz and others; any encounters with women who were given cash or gifts in exchange for sex; or whether federal sex trafficking laws were broken.


Gaetz has not been charged in the probe and has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

Then, surprisingly, QAnon online dialed down on its early pro-Gaetz support.

Trump, who was hailed as a hero championing QAnon’s fight against a demonized Dems cabal,issued a brief comment of Gaetz support.

Having set the bar at the floor level of ethical behavior, Trump has since remained silent in the Gaetz ladies department.

It was followed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s terse statement Thursday: “Innocent until proven guilty.”

Stay tuned to see if the Gaetz story becomes a classic case of a flip around when the donkey actually becomes the size of an elephant.

The royal farewell . . .

The private funeral of Prince Philip, the husband of England’s Queen Elizabeth who dutifully kept two steps behind his wife, was based on his specific instructions.

Family time.

He was quite a guy.

Ironically, the 99-year-old prince’s death was the only time in his long marriage he kept a step ahead of his royal wife.

A conservationist, athlete, military man, wisecracker, gaffe maker, author of 14 books, husband who liked cooking his wife an English breakfast, Prince Philip was kind to his children despite disappointments at some of their choices.

The Greek prince, whose bloodline was actually more “royal” than that of his wife, painted oils; had a flair for designing jewelry; and stated his only claim to fame was visiting so many tech facilities.

“I can claim to have petted the first microchip on the head,” he once remarked.

Sneedlings . . .

Condolences to the family of beloved Sun-Times IT guru Erin Wheeler, whose mother, Marilyn Rooney, died Friday at the age of 82. No mother had a better daughter. Saturday birthdays: Victoria Beckham, 47; Redman, 51; and Jennifer Garner, 49. . . . Sunday birthdays: Kourtney Kardashian, 42; America Ferrera, 37; Conan O’Brien, 58; and a belated birthday to Tom Carroll, ageless and priceless to Carol, Kevin and Mia.

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