What are Chicagoans doing with their weekends during the coronavirus stay-at-home order?

Driveway visits with friends. Cooking. Binge-watching TV shows and movies. Walks in the forest preserves. Trying out new recipes. Staying away from people.

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People enjoy a walk in Humboldt Park.

People enjoy a walk in Humboldt Park.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

We asked Chicagoans stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic how they’re spending their weekends.

Unable to get out on the lakefront or go to neighborhood festivals anytime soon, they’re finding things to do from the safety of their homes.

Some of these answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

“I’ve gone on several trips just this week. I took several trips to the kitchen, and my most exciting trip was when I stumbled down the basement steps after letting the dog out. It’s been nothing but a party over here.” Marta Omarr

“There’s seven of us, and it’s never a dull moment. Every couple of weeks, we have a themed day. Since quarantine, we’ve had a stay-at-home brewery tour, casino night and camping. Technology and creativity have been our best friends.” — Laura E. Mena

“Driveway visits to friends and family.” — Rich Ramey

“I talk to my friends on the phone or text. I check on elderly folks I know by phone. We watch movies, organize stuff, do puzzles, work on photo albums, do crafts, sew masks, refinish furniture, paint the interior of the house, do lots of cooking, order out to help restaurants and walk a great deal in the neighborhood.” — Melinda Harold

“I’m riding a stationary bike one hour per day. That’s a major miracle, but I’ve kept it up. Recently, something’s been wrong with my clothes: I’m using safety pins to hold them up. I didn’t know I lost weight until somebody told me. He said everybody’s gaining weight, and you’re slimming down! So I weighed myself. I said this scale is broke! It says I lost weight!” — Genevieve Williams

“I have been exploring some of the Lake County forest preserves, binge-watching various ‘Star Trek’ series and experimenting with new recipes.” — Rachel Fischer

“Cooking, trying out new recipes, cleaning, FaceTiming with my family, spring cleaning, staying productive. And I binged-watched all the Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ movies.” — Christine Huerta

“Working at the hospital and, on my days off, walking the trails with my family.” — Kasia Smusz Moore

“Weekend? Every day is the weekend when you’re retired. Lots of new recipes, gardening, movies, puzzles, organizing, computer time. All good at our house.” — Betty Mantell

“Walking my dog and exercising daily. Keeps me somewhat sane.” — Melanie Zahradnik

“Relaxing after working full-time Monday through Friday outside the home.” — Don Stellato

“Binging ‘Law & Order SVU.’ ” — Mary Citterman Keibler

“Gardening and yardwork.” — Bernadette Bertone

“Animal Crossing, jigsaw puzzles, podcasts and cooking.” — Lauren Schurmeier

“Mostly yard and home chores but some puzzle and craft time also.” — Catherine Swisher

“Hanging out at home and staying away from people. Essentially, nothing has changed.” — Derrick Colon

“At home. Lifetime & Hallmark TV. Occasional drive to keep the car in shape.” — Mary V. Czamik

“Outside in the beautiful weather.” — Michael Kyle Little

“Watching movies, cooking and eating.” — Antionette Marie Jones

“Cleaning, laundry — about the same before COVID-19” — Patricia Ratkovich

“Playing word games, FaceTiming with kids and grandkids, barbecuing, watching lots of TV and praying for this virus to end without any more casualties.” — Elena Zaremski

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