Happy Star Wars Day! Here are 6 ways to celebrate May the 4th

Why May 4, you ask? Why, it’s right there in the date, a play on “May the Force be with you.”

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Some fans dressed in Star Wars costumes

“May the 4th” is a day for all lovers of Jedi, Sith, the Resistance, the Skywalkers, the Hutts, Boba Fett, Gamorrean guards, Maz Kanata, General Grievous, Rancor Keeper and Snap Wexley to unite and celebrate all there is in the galaxy far, far away.

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Some of us have been in quarantine so long, we’re starting to feel like Han Solo in carbonite. That’s why Star Wars Day especially feels like a nice escape.

“May the 4th” is a day for all lovers of Jedi, Sith, the Resistance, the Skywalkers, the Hutts, Boba Fett, Gamorrean guards, Maz Kanata, General Grievous, Rancor Keeper and Snap Wexley to unite and celebrate all there is in the galaxy far, far away. (Why May 4, you ask? Why, it’s right there in the date, a play on “May the Force be with you.”)

The blockbuster franchise has remained beloved to generations since George Lucas’ original 1977 “Star Wars,” and that’s a lot of time to figure out various ways to get your “May the 4th” on while waiting to get your COVID-19 vaccine. Here are some of our favorites:

Watch the movies. Or, more likely, watch them again.

If you can believe it, there are some people who’ve never seen “Star Wars.” But there’s no excuse now that all nine movies in the Skywalker saga – as well as the spinoffs “Rogue One” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” — are a few clicks away on Disney+ streaming service

Longtime fans can break out the Blu-rays and DVDs, hunt for VHS cassettes, or – if you want to really go old school – dust off the laser discs. And we do suggest you watch the original 1983 edition of “Return of the Jedi,” rather than the later special edition that took out the Ewoks’ celebration song and inserted Hayden Christensen (aka prequel Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker) into the Dead Jedi Club at the end.

“Yub nub.” Never forget.

Binge on various ‘Star Wars’ shows

Debuting on Tuesday, the new Disney+ animated series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” follows the elite and experimental clones of the Bad Batch spinning out of the prequel-era “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Cartoon fans can also check out “Star Wars Rebels,” focusing on the Rebel Alliance just prior to the events of the ‘77 film, and the pilot-centric ”Star Wars Resistance” set during the time of “The Force Awakens.”

Plus, if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the completely adorable Baby Yoda (aka Grogu), now’s the time to tuck into the first two seasons of the Western-flavored series “The Mandalorian.” Be sure to watch the two special “Disney Gallery” programs on Disney+ looking at the behind-the-scenes making of the show that stars Pedro Pascal as the armored title gunslinger before the spinoff “Book of Boba Fett” (with Temuera Morrison as the returned bounty hunter) kicks off in December.

Let the blue milk flow

Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru had blue milk on their breakfast table back on Tatooine, and you can enjoy it as well with these recipes. (Seriously, who doesn’t want to try blue milk pudding?!) StarWars.com has a whole section of food-related fun for those who want to party hearty, including Ewok sushi. And if you need even more, the “Star Wars: Galactic Baking” cookbook (out Tuesday) is full of sweet treats to satisfy your little Jawas.

Read the further adventures of Luke Skywalker and friends

If the newest “Star Wars” trilogy hasn’t been exciting enough, the rash of recent comic books and novels – most of them pretty rad – have fleshed out stories not seen in the movies. The flagship “Star Wars” comic is currently filling in the time between “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” as Luke comes to grips with Darth Vader being his dad. (Forty-year-old spoiler alert!) And on Wednesday, a prelude issue comes out beginning the ”War of the Bounty Hunters” limited series featuring Fett and all his sketchy buddies. (Comixology has a great digital sale going on to get newer comics and older series for cheap.)

Book lovers will want to check out the “Alphabet Squadron” trilogy, which follows a group of New Republic pilots hunting a mysterious TIE Fighter group exacting revenge after the fall of the Empire (see: “Return of the Jedi”). However, if you want to take a trip in the wayback machine, “Star Wars: Light of the Jedi” begins the epic “The High Republic” saga set 200 years before the events of the movies.

Say ‘Punch it, Chewie!’ to some kid activities

StarWars.com offers a whole slew of things for crafty moms and dads to do with their children. Make a Baby Yoda pencil pouch, a Hoth snowglobe or a Death Star pinata, and print out various coloring sheets and word searches. (Those who are true art nuts will want to check out the commissioned fan-made works for Disney+’s “Star Wars” landing page.) If your kids want some extra starpower, however, check out Daisy Ridley reading “BB-8 On the Run,” featuring her character Rey’s little droid buddy.

Buy something fun and extremely nerdy

Lots of places discount their Star Wars merch on May 4, and StarWars.com has a roundup of all the coolest stuff, from a Darth Vader chef’s apron to Baby Yoda lip balm. If you’ve got time on your hands (and sufficient shelf space in your house), Lego is debuting its large collectors series R2-D2. If you really want to splurge, though, snag one of 10 limited-edition Kross Studio Death Star collector sets (with a Swiss-made Death Star Tourbillon watch plus an authentic kyber crystal movie prop from “Rogue One”) for a cool $150,000 and blow up your checking account like the Emperor’s doomed space station. 

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