Lee Daniels, the creator of the hit FOX series “Empire,” which films here in Chicago, told an audience at a SXSW panel on Sunday during a keynote address that he “believes that having Donald Trump in the White House could be good for the creative community,” according to a story on hollywoodreporter.com

According to the report, Daniels made the remarks during “an off-the-cuff and often emotional keynote panel moment ” where he was joined by Gabourey Sibide, the star of his Oscar-nominated film “Precious”:

“Some of the best films and best literature will come from the Trump administration. We’re in such difficult times right now,” .. Trump “is a reflection of who we are. He is a mirror of who we are, he is our karma. I’m trying to explain that to my son, and it’s hard to be a black dad. It’s frightening.”

Daniels went on to discuss several topics including being openly gay, creating roles for black actors, the ratings success of “Empire,” and the issue of #OscarsSoWhite:

“I know racism is real but I’m not going to let it stop me or define me. We’ve created a generation where you feel entitled, but no one owes me anything – I only did ‘Empire’ to make some money for once – no one in Hollywood owes me anything. I owe me something.”

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