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Jacqueline Jackson released from hospital after being treated in ICU with coronavirus

Her husband, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., was still undergoing occupational and physical therapy at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, his son said in a statement.

Jacqueline Jackson and Rev. Jesse Jackson photographed in 2001. Both were hospitalized with COVID-19 and are showing signs of improvement, according to the couple’s son.
Jacqueline Jackson and the Rev. Jesse Jackson in 2001. Jacqueline Jackson was released from the hospital Friday.
AP file

Jacqueline Jackson, wife of the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., has returned home after battling a case of COVID-19 that landed her in the intensive care unit for days, their son said in a statement.

“Our family is grateful to God and the medical team that treated her and that is allowing her body to continue to heal from the COVID-19 virus,” Jonathan Jackson said in a statement released Friday evening.

Mrs. Jackson was released from Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Friday.

Jesse Jackson, 79, and Jacqueline Jackson, 77, were hospitalized Aug. 21 after testing positive for the virus.

On Aug. 27, Jonathan Jackson revealed his mother had been moved to intensive care but was not on a ventilator. Then, on Aug. 30, he informed the media that she had been moved out of the ICU and back to her hospital room.

Meanwhile on Friday, Jonathan Jackson said his father remained at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, where he was transferred to undergo occupational and physical therapy for his Parkinson’s disease as his COVID-19 symptoms abate.

While the civil rights icon publicly received a COVID-19 vaccination in early January, a longtime family spokesman said his wife was not inoculated.

In Jonathan Jackson’s latest update, he urged supporters to get vaccinated and to keep his parents in their prayers.

“The love that has been poured out to our family at this time of sickness and need from around the world has helped in our parent’s healing and for each of you who prayed and expressed concern we are grateful, even as we continue to express our love and concern for the millions of people who are victimized by the COVID-19 virus and its variants,” he wrote. “We remain prayerful for all of those who are suffering as a result.”