From the Chicago archdiocese and its Catholic schools, to the rich diversity of religions across the city, the Sun-Times has you covered.

Both sides in the deal have a letter of intent to finalize terms for the property at 65 E. Huron St. that has been in play for developers.
La reestructuración propuesta por el obispo Ron Hicks, líder de la Diócesis de Joliet, sigue a otras medidas de reducción de iglesias y escuelas anunciadas a principios de este año en Joliet y sus alrededores.
Brother Joseph Charron initially was charged with sex crimes involving a now-former student. He recently pleaded guilty to aggravated battery, and the sex crime charges were dropped. Still, his Benedictine abbey placed him on its list of credibly accused child sex abusers.
The proposed restructuring by Bishop Ron Hicks, leader of the Diocese of Joliet, follows other church and school downsizing moves announced earlier this year in and around Joliet.
The backlash comes days after the university made an agreement with encampment organizers to take steps toward divesting from Israel.
Todas las parejas son miembros de la Iglesia Cristiana La Vid, 4750 N. Sheridan Road, en Uptown, que brinda servicios a los recién llegados.
A big ceremony will be held Friday evening at Community Park Near North Church for 15 migrant couples. They pooled together money to help pay for the celebration, which will be witnessed by about 200 family and friends of the couples.
The continuing bloody war in Gaza — the 33,000 Palestinians killed and the unknown fate of Israeli hostages — casts a pall over Passover celebrations.
About 60% of people are interested in exploring green funeral options, more than ever before.
The rising tide of antisemitic incidents in Chicago’s neighborhoods has shaken our community to its core. The best response is to strengthen our Jewish pride and practice, an approach that mirrors the essence of Passover.
Passover, which starts before sundown Monday and ends after nightfall on April 30, commemorates the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt.
The Catholic church’s transparency on accusations of sexual abuse by clergy members, including the Rev. Mark Santo, remains inconsistent and lacking across the United States, clouding the extent of the crisis more than 20 years after it exploded into view.
It’s unclear why the Rev. Frederick Haynes III, a Texas megachurch pastor, suddenly resigned Tuesday as president of the South Side social justice organization. But longtime observers say an out-of-towner was doomed from the start.
The Rev. Frederick Haynes III, pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, took over as president and CEO of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in February and had planned to run the organization from Texas.
Passover, which begins April 22, commemorates the emancipation of Jews from slavery in Egypt.
“In the 45 years since ADL began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979, it has never been this bad,” said ADL Midwest regional director David Goldenberg. According to a new report, Illinois saw a 74% increase in antisemitic incidents in 2023.
About 20 elected officials and community organizers discussed ways the city can combat antisemitism, though attendees said it was just the start of the conversation. Ald. Debra Silverstein (50th) said the gesture was ‘hollow.’
Thousands gathered Wednesday morning for prayers at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, where Mayor Brandon Johnson briefly gave a renewed call for peace in Gaza.
Eid al-Fitr is the three-day holiday marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
It’s a velomobile, and the man behind the wheel is Greek Orthodox monk Father Ephraim, who moved to the Northwest Side after five years at a religious commune in remote Alaska. And who wouldn’t want to navigate Chicago streets in a vehicle not much taller than a fire hydrant?