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From the Chicago archdiocese and its Catholic schools, to the rich diversity of religions across the city, the Sun-Times has you covered.

Pfleger denies Holocaust museum visit tied to Cupich rebuke

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, who unveiled a new anti-violence campaign Wednesday, said he’d already accepted an offer from the museum before Cardinal Blase Cupich released his statement.

Pfleger to visit Holocaust museum after cardinal’s rebuke

The St. Sabina pastor is expected to go to the Skokie museum in "late June."

Rabbi looking to surveillance video to help solve arson attempt on North Side

The attempted arson happened over the weekend at Anshe Sholom B’nai Israel Congregation.

Archdiocese opposes legal pot — so does drug firm where top church executive works

Betsy Bohlen received $145,000 in compensation while on the board of Insys Therapeutics, an embattled pharmaceutical company that has said legal marijuana could hurt its profits.

Oklahoma jury: Woman guilty of killing daughter by forcing crucifix down throat

Police found Geneva Gomez lying inside her mother's home, arms spread out as if she'd been crucified; a large crucifix was on her chest.

Cupich apologizes to ‘my Jewish brothers and sisters’ after Farrakhan speech

Farrakhan "smeared the Jewish people, using a combination of thinly veiled discriminatory rhetoric and outright slander," Cardinal Blase Cupich said.

Emanuel on faith, its influence on decision not to run: ‘I’m totally at peace’

The mayor talked about his faith after an iftar meal with local Muslims. He said his faith didn't play a role in the decision not to seek re-election.

Holocaust survivor blasts Pfleger for giving Farrakhan ‘platform for hatred’

Louis Farrakhan was offered an opportunity to speak at St. Sabina Catholic Church on the South Side.

New Vatican law requires that priests, nuns report sex abuse, cover-up

The new church law provides whistle-blower protections for anyone making a report.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan shutdown on Facebook not surprising

While the Nation of Islam called the ban "completely unjustified," they really should have seen it coming given comments Farrakhan made about Jews.

Emanuel adds 12 Catholic high schools to Star Scholarship program

The Star Scholarship covers tuition and books at Chicago’s seven City Colleges for up to three years.

Ramadan: Things to know about the Muslim holy month

Ramadan, the holiest month of the year for Muslims, is set to begin Sunday.

Trump says violence, terrorism against people of all faiths must end

President Donald Trump says people of faith around the world have faced terrible hardship of late.

‘Momentum’ building in Chicago Catholic schools despite enrollment losses

About 71,000 students are enrolled at Catholic schools in the Chicago area, a 2 percent decline compared to last school year.

Official: Sri Lanka failed to heed warnings of Easter attacks

International intelligence agencies warned of the attacks several times starting April 4. It was not immediately clear what action was taken.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 93rd birthday on Easter Sunday

The queen is marking Easter by attending a service with other senior royals, including Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, at St. George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Notre Dame parishioners displaced on Easter, attend services that honor crews

The archbishop of Paris and Catholics from around France and the world honored the firefighters who saved Notre Dame Cathedral, praying Sunday at a special Easter Mass for a swift reconstruction of the beloved monument.

Pfleger: Values askew when Puerto Rico, Flint suffer as Notre Dame gets millions

"It’s Easter, which is about resurrection, and I think we need to re-evaluate our values," said Rev. Michael Pfleger.

Crowd celebrates Good Friday in the Loop

The Way of the Cross, Downtown Chicago held a silent procession from the Daley Center to Holy Name Cathedral Friday to observe Good Friday.

It’s too easy to say, ‘Bob did it’ — Chicago safety experts on Notre Dame fire

Fires can be more likely in historic structures, such as Notre Dame Cathedral, but some modern construction materials and techniques may be banned.

Century-old church mural restored in time for Easter

For two months, five restoration artists wiped away grime, removed varnish from a previous restoration and meticulously glued down peeling paint.

U.S. church membership plummets, with biggest drops among Democrats, Hispanics

The percentage of U.S. adults who belong to a church or other religious institution has plunged by 20 percentage points over the past two decades.

Ex-Maryville chief dies months after removal from ministry over sex allegations

Rev. John P. Smyth was "in and out of rehab and the hospital, and, in the last month or so, he's been very, very ill," a Maryville official said.

Rev. Kwame John R. Porter, civil rights leader who marched with MLK, dies at 87

Rev. Porter co-founded Operation PUSH and was a leader of the Chicago Freedom Movement.

Every time I visited, I inhaled history: A Chicagoan’s tribute to Notre Dame

I have been going to Paris since 1954, and it was the first monument this Jewish kid sought out.

Mitzvah parade comes downtown, across city to celebrate Passover, hand out matzo

This was the 22nd year Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois — which has 48 centers across the state — has organized the mitzvah parade.

I am not anti-church. I am anti-church mess

And yet I am sick of a church that staggers in a stiffening slumber while violence rages across black urban neighborhoods like a consumptive fire.

Accused priest cleared of sex abuse, returns to Northwest Side parish

"The important thing is that they know it was a false accusation, that nothing inappropriate occurred," Pastor Gary Graf said Sunday.

Pope names Chicago Native Wilton Gregory archbishop of Washington, D.C.

Gregory will be the first African American to lead the archdiocese that has become the epicenter of the clergy sex abuse crisis in the U.S.

Chicago Archdiocese is quietly using cemetery cash to pay priest sex abuse costs

About $8 million a year has been shifted from the cemetery system to pay down that debt, according to a source familiar with church operations.

Harvest Bible Chapel donations down 40%

The Rolling Meadows-based church has cut weekly operational spending by nearly 25 percent and laid off some staff, the Daily Herald reports.

Cardinal Cupich calls abortion-rights bills ‘attack on human dignity’

Cupich's plea to reject the measures comes days after a letter in church bulletins across Chicago urged parishioners to reach out to lawmakers.