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Movie focuses on Illinois farmer known for selling produce in Evanston

Cameras watch the tending of the Congerville fields in ‘Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm’

Henry Brockman is the subject of “Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm.”
Ines Sommer

A central Illinois farmer whose produce is a fixture of the Evanston Farmers Market is the subject of a documentary available Friday.

“Seasons of Change on Henry’s Farm” focuses on the 25-acre vegetable farm run by Henry Brockman in Congerville, Illinois. In the course of the film, Brockman takes a sabbatical with his wife in her native Japan, and in their absence the farm is disrupted by heavy rainfall.

“Seasons of Change” will be available for streaming at The 5 p.m. Sunday screening will include commentary by Brockman and the Chicago-based director, Ines Sommer.

Brockman’s sister, Terra, wrote a book about the family business, “The Seasons on Henry’s Farm,” that was a James Beard Award finalist in 2010.