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‘Windy City Rehab’ 2nd season: Here is a new map of every property featured

In the new season of the HGTV hit, the show is focusing on tension between Alison Victoria and her partner, Donovan Eckhardt.

A home at 1636 N. Wood St. featured on Season Two of “Windy City Rehab.”
Mitch Dudek/Sun-Times

“Windy City Rehab” has started its second season featuring designer Alison Victoria as she rehabs and attempts to flip homes in Chicago.

In this new season, the show is focusing on tension between Victoria, whose real name is Alison Gramenos, and her partner, Donovan Eckhardt. In the first episode, she is seen taking over the stalled construction on a home at 1636 N. Wood St. and selling it for nearly $2 million.

The show, which airs Tuesday nights on HGTV, promises to go behind the scenes from Season One and feature additional properties, including in Bridgeport.

The show makes reference to numerous problems that hit the partners in the past year, including stop-work orders from the city and licensing problems.

Season One

After the first season concluded early last year, Victoria and Eckhardt said they sold seven of the 11 homes they rehabbed.

By March of 2019, however, public records only indicated four had closed. By mid-September of this year, however, the records now show they’ve now sold 10 of the 11 homes.

The only home that does not have a sale recorded is in Wicker Park at 1635 W. Pierce Ave.

Here is the map: