Windy City Rehab

The latest news, controversy and legal drama surrounding HGTV’s reality TV show that transforms Chicago fixer-uppers into million-dollar homes.

Featured on an HGTV spinoff series, the “Windy City Rehab” star spent $1.2 million to convert the former warehouse space into a live/work property with Parisian touches.
Smejkal, 60, parted ways with the popular HGTV show this year after seven seasons. He’s got big plans, and they don’t include working on TV.
The news was revealed on Tuesday’s episode of ”Windy City Rehab: Alison’s Dream Home.”
The HGTV star debuted ”Windy City Rehab: Alison’s Dream Home” on Tuesday night in which she’s designing her new mixed-use Chicago dwelling.
Host Alison Victoria designs a $1.5 million home from the ground up on the season 3 finale.
The Bell’s home in Beverly, which is actually not the suburbs despite the episode title, needs an update, and host Alison Victoria is ready with ideas.
Ted, a close friend of host Alison Victoria’s, bought a condo in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, and it needs a major update. Here’s how Victoria tackled the project.
Host and designer Alison Victoria helps a couple expecting their first child build their Evanston home from the ground up.
For the first time this season, host Alison Victoria takes on clients and helps hem build their dream home on a tight budget.
Will the “Windy City Rehab” designer pack up and move to a rehabbed Atlanta loft?
In the third episode of the third season, host Alison Victoria helps a Los Angeles realtor rehab a 1920s Hollywood Hills home.
As the third season of the hit HGTV show continues, Victoria has taken on a more humble tone when it comes to profits — or lack thereof.
Here’s what happened in the second episode of Season 3 of the HGTV series.
An attorney for Eckhardt’s former co-host Alison Victoria Gramenos said she ‘always tried to be truthful in relating her experiences with Donovan, and she is pleased that the California court rejected Donovan’s claims.’
Host Alison Victoria announced the news via Instagram on Friday.
The HGTV show cut two versions of the episode in which Victoria boasted she “knocked it out of the park” after the rehab and sale of the Lincoln Park home. She made no mention of the new buyer’s identity.
The suit by Anne and James Morrissey over their defective Lincoln Square home originally sought $1.36 million.
Like the show itself, the home has its own set of controversy, drama and legal battles.
Donovan Eckhardt’s suit had been tossed by a Cook County judge who ruled Eckhardt’s contract requires disputes be resolved in California. In his suit, Eckhardt says his false portrayal on the show was the worst humiliation of his life, causing sleeplessness and loss of appetite.
The last home to remain on the market sold Monday for far less than the original asking price.
The judge said Donovan Eckhardt’s contract with showrunners called for litigation to be handled in California courts.
The pair have asked a Cook County judge to appoint a receiver to “wind down” their shared business interests, essentially a third party to oversee their financial divorce.