Alison Victoria goes all out for ombre on latest ‘Rock the Block’ episode

In the third episode of season two, Victoria and her partner Mike Holmes design dream closets and an ombre-tiled bathroom.

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Alison Victoria and her teammate Mike Holmes compete on Season 2 of “Rock the Block.”

Alison Victoria and her teammate Mike Holmes compete on Season 2 of “Rock the Block.”


The third episode of HGTV’s “Rock the Block” dropped Monday, and Alison Victoria risked it all to win the third contest this season: main bedroom and bathroom.

Spoilers ahead!

To refresh, Victoria and her partner Mike Holmes won the kitchen contest in episode one. Their kitchen/dining room combo included a not-painted brick archway above the stove, and a traditional-style statement-piece chandelier.

In episode two, Victoria and Holmes dubbed their home “French countryside” and then designed an office in the front of the home that was about as country as a New York City bodega. In the living room at the back of the house, French country meshed with Scandinavian hygge for a paired-down, all-white color scheme that flowed from the living room to the kitchen and dining room. They, however, lost the challenge to David Bromstad of “My Lottery Dream Home” and Tiffany Brooks from the upcoming show “50K Three Ways.”

Egypt Sherrod from “Property Virgins” and her husband Mike Jackson joined the show this week as judges. In a surprise move, they visited each home without the teams present, eliminating any connection between designer and finished product.

“I came back to prove I can win more than just the kitchen, so I want the kitchen, main suite and bathroom and the big ‘W’ at the end,” Victoria said at the top of the episode. Victoria and Holmes quickly decided on a reclaimed wood wall treatment with an adhesive backing for the main bedroom, which would continue up the headboard wall and across the ceiling..

“Who doesn’t like reclaimed wood?” Victoria asked Holmes rhetorically. “And I think this is going to add tons of value.”

Not necessarily, but okay.

The bedroom closet got an upgrade courtesy of moving one wall to make it wider and the installation of custom shelves and integrated LED lighting. The bathroom door was replaced with an antique door that matched the wall treatment nicely. While in the bathroom, Victoria showed Holmes the ombre tile that cascaded down the shower walls to the floor.

“Only you would pick this,” Holmes jokes. “I think your design is off the charts. Much like the kitchen, I think there’s no way we can’t win.”

For this week’s surprise challenge, the teams were given one bold paint color to incorporate into the overall design.Victoria and Holmes ended up with olive green — a pretty safe tone for a French countryside-designed home.

Problems arose when Holmes asked Victoria was she planned to do with the grout for the ombre tile.

“The risk in the grout is going from gray up top to the white below,” he explained, “and if you don’t blend that properly, it’s going to be such an eyesore.” Turns out his worries were short-lived.

Meanwhile, the other designers toil away. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent of “Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House” needed to incorporate a bright red into their “European vintage” decor, which they did by painting a wall in the bedroom red and then hiding it behind drapes. Bromstead and Brooks extended their ultra-eclectic design to the main bedroom, and Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt of “100 Day Dream Home” came up with a solid main bedroom/laundry room design that ultimately did not sway the judges decision.

When Sherrod and Jackson arrived at the Victoria-Holmes home, they immediately loved the reclaimed wood, noting that it made the ceiling feel taller. The massive closet “hers” blew them away, as did the surprise of a separate “his” closet. The bathroom had a definite wow factor, but both judges admitted it felt “small” compared to those of the other houses.

And the olive green paint from the surprise challenge? Victoria and Holmes used it in a stick-figure painting.

In the end, Victoria and Holmes won this week’s main challenge — but not without hurting some of the other contestants’ feelings. Mika Kleinschmidt let it be known that the judges’ decision was not OK.

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