Orton takes to the air(waves)

Kyle Orton paid a visit with Mike North on WSCR-AM 670 on Wednesday morning.

Here are highlights of the conversation:

On his relationship with Rex Grossman

North: “How about the fact that you said you and Rex

get along, and you’ve known Rex now for 3 or 4 years

and he seems like a really good guy to me. You said

that you want to compete and that you’re sure that Rex

wants to compete too…from one to ten, ten being a

strong relationship, one being no relationship at all.

Where would you put the number?”

Orton: “I don’t know about a number. We’ve never had

an issue at work. We’ve never had an issue outside of

work. We’re certainly not best friends outside of

work, we don’t spend a lot of time together outside of

work, but we have a great relationship inside the


North: “So if I had to rank it and I gave it a seven,

would that be fair? Seven being pretty good, you know

good relationship…working relationship. You guys

respect each other.”

Orton: “Yeah, yeah…no question. I think people

hear me talk about my relationship with Brian (Griese)

and what he’s done. We’ve spent more time together,

me and Brian have had the opportunity to spend more

time together and that’s just the way it is you know.”

On Using The Shotgun Next Season

North: “Would you like to see the shotgun (next

season) if you are the quarterback?”

Orton: “Yeah, it’s a little bit different than

college Mike. We are a play-action based offense, so

we have to establish a running game and we have to

work off of that. So it’s a little bit different. I

do think that it’s a valuable tool in some respects.”

North: “Yeah I think so. I think it’s done well with

the Manning boys and Tom Brady. I can understand why

the Bears, who are offensively challenged at times,

would never want to use the shotgun…no, I can’t

understand that. You see teams doing wonderful things

offensively, and let’s face it Kyle. The running game

is up in the air right now. If that doesn’t get

straightened out, would you rather see yourself in

certain passing downs atleast have the chance to take

the snap without having to worry about dropping back

especially with the offensive line not as strong as

its been in the past and the running game not as


Orton: ” I think we’ve got a long way to go before

the start of the season, and I think we’re making the

right moves to sure some things up. I think we’re

going to have a very strong offensive unit and I don’t

think we have very far to go. But yeah, if it’s an

obvious passing situation it doesn’t hurt to be back

in the shotgun.”

On His Favorite Pattern

North: “What’s your favorite pattern to throw? If

they told you: the next play, no matter what yardage

is involved or whatever, you can throw your favorite

play. You can throw the pass that you feel will be

the most successful. What play would that be?”

Orton: “Just like the highlight you played with Devin

(Hester), I like throwing the deep post. Especially

if you have an aggressive secondary, I like throwing

behind them and taking shots down the field.”

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