Meet the FOBO’S. Obama takes Chicago pals--and top fund-raisers--on campaign plane Tuesday.

SHARE Meet the FOBO’S. Obama takes Chicago pals--and top fund-raisers--on campaign plane Tuesday.

WASHINGTON—A special group of FOBO’s–Friends of Barack Obama who are at the top of the Obama fund-raising pyramid–were on presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama’s plane to Minnesota on Tuesday, where Obama flew to clinch his nomination.

The FOBO manifest….

1. Valerie Jarrett….top Obama advisor without portfolio, which means she has a hand in all portfolios. In Obama history, her chapter starts when she hires Michelle, then Obama’s fiance, to be her deputy in Mayor Daley’s City Hall.

2. Eric Whitaker, a doctor who is frequently on the Obama campaign plane is the executive vice president for strategic affiliations and associate dean for community-based research at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where Michelle Obama worked before she took a leave for the campaign. Before that, Whitake was the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health

3. Marty Nesbitt, one of Obamas best friends who is the treasurer of the Obama presidential campaign. Nesbitt is the CEO of the Parking Spot.

4. Billionaire real estate magnate Penny Pritzker –of Chicago’s Pritzker family–is the Obama National Finance Director. Pritzker has long been an Obama financial backer.

5. Ariel Investment founder John Rodgers is an Illinois Finance co-chair and longtime friend.

6. Industrial magnate Jim Crown– of Chicago’s Crown family is an Illinois Finance co-chair.

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