Cub fans: What do you hear?

Whether Milton Bradley trusts anyone in the media to understand his perspective enough to truly stand up and say specifically what’s going on around him when he goes on the field, he’s obviously experiencing something harsh enough to let it spill without prompting the past few days.

Chalk it up to a credibility issue with Bradley if you want, but even the unimpeachable Derrek Lee said Thursday he’s heard racially charged taunts from the Wrigley stands, albeit directed at others.

So what’s the real deal out there?

Obviously, in a lot of these situations, it’s a vocal-yokel minority that gives the whole crowd the bad name. But just as obvious, one racist comment yelled by one drunken idiot is one too many.

Yeah, we all know everybody gets booed — from white Todd Hundley and Kevin Gregg to black Jacque Jones and Milton Bradley to Japanese Kosuke Fukudome to Latin Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano.

But how often do people cross the line in the Wrigley stands? Let me know. Those who have a lot of experience as spectators, especially in the bleachers, let’s hear the honest accounts (and let’s keep it as clean and civil as possible).

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